JLA is the Educational branch of Chabad of Greater Hartford.

Our goal is to bring the beauty and rich­ness of our heritage to every Jew on their own level regardless of their background or observance. We hope to deepen the students’ knowledge and appreciation of Judaism and whet their appetite for continued growth and study.

JLA offers a full array of programs, from the Aleph-bet to the complex­ities of the Kaballah and everything in between.  

  • Courses
  • Lectures
  • Ongoing Classes
  • One-on-One Study
  • Study Groups

 At JLA, we believe that the values of our tradition are taught beyond the classroom.

The Jewish Women’s Circle is made up of ladies of all ages and backgrounds who gather to learn, laugh, experience and rejuvenate their mind, body and soul. Each meeting features a lively meaningful discussion; great do-it-yourself activity and a chance to meet new friends.

With the famous Friday Night Live @ Chabad the sprit of Shabbat is taken to a whole new level. This special day is celebrated with friends who are like family- Friday Night Live features an inspiring Shabbat service with explanation and songs, followed by a dinner or buffet Kiddush, featuring cuisine from around the world.

The atmosphere of every program in the academy is designed to be warm and friendly – ensuring a pleasant rapport between instructor and student, as well as wide open avenues for open and stimulating discussion. A wonderful educational experience in the spirit of unity and harmony now lies before you. The next move is yours!

We look forward to greeting you.

Rabbi Shaya & Shayna Gopin