Mission Statement


The Mission Statement of Chabad Lubavitch:

Increasing Goodness and Kindness


The word Lubavitch means “city of love.” Over the past half-century

this small Russian city of love has become cosmopolitan in an entirely unprecedented way. Most places gain this trait by gathering elements of foreign places and cultures. Lubavitch has taken an opposite approach. Rather than bringing the world to Lubavitch, it has brought Lubavitch to the world. It has spread itself, its message of goodness, kindness and brotherly love, outwards from its humble origin to all corners of the earth.


Key to this expansion has been the idea that all Jews own and should enjoy equal share of their common heritage. This belief carries with it a duty; one must not allow any individual to be robbed of this heritage or of the dignity that is due to a human being. This conviction has taken center stage in the Jewish renaissance is taking place in our generation.


The mission of Lubavitch is to turn this city of love into a world of love. Acts of goodness and kindness have a way of growing, and this phenomenon of growth is what perhaps best explains the history of Chabad Lubavitch and its success.