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We are having an exciting time in Gan Israel Hebrew School.  Here is some information for you about the program.  School is every Sunday for the duration of the school year.  The last day will be June 15th 2008.

Our program will feature the Aleph Champ individualized reading program,where each child works at his/her own pace to master the Aleph Bet.

We will be studying Bereishit - the first of the five books of the Torah and will be covering the jewish calendar.  Each subject will include games and arts and crafts, to enhance the learning process.
Children will learn the prayers through song and will absorb the mitzvot through hands-on projects.
Hours of Hebrew School: Sundays 9:30-11:30 a.m.
at Chabad House, 2352 Albany Ave, WH

Tuition: $400 per child


Payable by check or credit card

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Give us the opportunity to open up a new world for your child - a world of warmth, tradition and history, a world in which your child is proud to belong.



Please note the following dates are vacation:

November 25th   Thanksgiving
December 23-30  Winter Break
February 17th      Presidents Week
April 20-27          Pesach
May 25th            Memorial weekend
Last week of school: June 15th