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Judaism's Gifts to the World

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Lesson 1

Lesson 2  

Lesson 3

Lesson 4 

Lesson 5 


Worrier to Warrior

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Lesson 1



With All My Heart

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Lesson 1 

Lesson 2 

Lesson 3

Lesson 3 part II 

Lesson 4

Lesson 5



Crime and Consequence


Class 1

Class 2 

Class 3

Class 4 

Class 5 



Wrestling with Faith  

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Class 1

Class 2

Class 3

Class 4

Class 5

Class 6 

Class 7 


Survival of a Nation


Survival of a Nation 1

Survival of a Nation 2 

Survival of a Nation 3 

Survival of a Nation 4 


  The Dilemma

The Dilemma 1 

The Dilemma 2

The Dilemma 3  

The Dilemma 4 (part 1) 

The Dilemma 5

The Dilemma 6 



How Success Thinks 

How Success Thinks 1 

How Success Thinks 2

How Success Thinks 3

How Success Thinks 4

How Success Thinks 5

How Success Thinks 6 


Judaism Decoded 

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Judaism Decoded 1  

Judaism Decoded 2 

Judaism Decoded 3 

Judaism Decoded 5 



The Art of Parenting    
Jewish Wisdom and Insights for Raising Children
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Art of Parenting 1 
Art of Parenting 2 
Art of Parenting 3 


How Happiness Thinks   

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How Happiness Thinks 1 
How Happiness Thinks 2
How Happiness Thinks 3
How Happiness Thinks 4    
How Happiness Thinks 5   
How Happiness Thinks 6



Curious Tales of the Talmud

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  Curious Tales Talmud 1 
Curious Tales Talmud 2
Curious Tales Talmud 3
Curious Tales Talmud 4 
Curious Tales Talmud 5
Curious Tales Talmud 6


Living with Integrity
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Living with Integrity 1 
Living with Integrity 2
Living with Integrity 3
Living with Integrity 4 
Living with Integrity 5
Living with Integrity 6

 The Kabbalah of You

Kabblah of You 1 
Kabblah of You 2
Kabblah of You 3
Kabblah of You 4 
Kabblah of You 5
Kabblah of You 6

The Art of Marriage


Lesson 1
Lesson 2
Lesson 3

Fascinating Facts

Fascinating Facts 1
Fascinating Facts 2
Fascinating Facts 3
Fascinating Facts 4
Fascinating Facts 5 

Kabbala of Character 
Spring Semester

Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV
Part V
Part VI 

Towards a Meaningful Life
Towards a Meaningful Life 1
Towards a Meaningful Life 2
Towards a Meaningful Life 3
Towards a Meaningful Life 4
Towards a Meaningful Life 5
Towards a Meaningful Life 6
Medicine & Morals
Spring Semester
Part II - Organ Donation
Part III - Risky Treatments
Beyond Never Again
Spring Semester
Beyond Never Again 1
Beyond Never Again 2
Beyond Never Again 3
Beyond Never Again 4
Beyond Never Again 5
Beyond Never Again 6
Soul Quest
Courses and Study
Part I Who am I   Click here
Part II Before birth 
Click here  
Part III Death & Beyond"
Click here   
Part IV Reincarnation 
Click here
Part V "Staying connected to our loved ones"
Click here 
Part VI "The Ultimate Moment - Now"
Click here
You Be The Judge II
Courses and Study

Part V Labor Laws Click here
Part IV Neighbors rights
Click here 
Part III  Burdern of Proof 
Click here
Part II The Accidental Treasure
Click here
Part I  Inheriting Fruits of sin
Click here



Dina Hurwitz




Attorney Frederick Pinto

Rabbi Shlomo Yaffe 




Rabbi Manis Friedman




Rabbi Dr. Laibl Wolf



Rabbi Tuvia Brander, Mrs. Yocheved Adelman, Mrs. Yehudis Wolvovsky - CLICK HERE

"From Kuwait to Jerusalem" ~ Mark Halawa   -  Click here 

"Tribute to Maimonaides"   -  Click here 

"Life is a Marathon" ~  Richard Bernstein  -  Click here

Medical Ethics Syposium ~ Dr. Mark Siegel & Rabbi Shlomo Yaffe - Click here

David Nesenoff - The Man who Exposed Helen Thomas
Keynote at Evening of Tribute to the Rebbe
Click here

Dmitriy Salita ~ Jewish Champion Boxer
Click here

Tribute to Maimonides 2013 -  Click here  
Astronomy Power Point - Click Here

Soup, Soul & Song
An Evening of Music and Inspiration ~
Click here 
Commemorating 200 years since the passing of Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi founder of the Chabad Movement.  

The Matriachs Re-Examined 
With Mrs. Elana Weinberg ~ Mrs. Rochel Baila Yaffe ~ Mrs. Yehudis Wolvovsky -  Click here

How to get over the "YOU RUINED MY LIFE" syndrome - Rabbi Shais Taub - Click here

Tribute to Maimonides 2012 - Click here 
10:55 Rabbi Joseph Gopin - 25:32 Rabbi Brahm Wienberg - 38:18 Rabbi Shaya Gopin - 53:50 Rabbi Ari Weiss

Kavana Mindfulness ~ Laibl Wolf - Click here 
(Audio Quality: fair)

Listening to the Message of the Chanukah Lights ~ Devora Posner - Click here

The Rebbe's Impact ~ Personal & Global - Click here

Tribute to Maimonides 2011 - Click here

"Learning to LIKE the People you Love!"  with Rivka Slonim - Click here

The Patriarchal Family - Dysfunctional or Mystical? 
Part I
Part II 

Tribute to Maimonides 2010 - Click here

Men are like waffles, women are like spaghetti -  Click here

 Jewish Health Care Reform
Shlomo Yaffe - 
Click here 

The Messiah Mystery
A Talk by Yochanan Rivkin
Click here

The Ambassador & The Rebbe 
With Ambassador Yehuda Avner
Click here

"Did you hear what I MEANT to say?!"
A talk by Sara Esther Crispe on Communication & Loving Relationships
Click here

Yom Kippur 4 Dummies  Click here 


Soul Maps

Part II "Sync or Sink" Click here
Part I "Soul Words"
Click here

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