Discovering Purpose & Joy in all areas of living
 A new six part series from the Jewish Learning Institute

Life can be a treadmill — as we go through the motions day after day
without ever asking why or seeking what really matters to us.

This course is determined to change that.
Here are strategies, tips, and suggestions for not only discovering
where your true meaning lies, but in actually making it a part of your daily existence.

Starting February 2011
Now in three locations locally!

 WHEN & WHERE This special series will is being presented in three locations: Glastonbury (Tuesdays), West Hartford (Wednesdays), and Simsbury (Thursdays)... We offer you the flexibility to register and take classes at any one, or alternate!
Course Overview
 Course Overview
  • Discovering Your Personal
    Mission Statement
  • Marriage, Love, and Intimacy
  • Home and Family
  • Work, Charity, and Wealth
  • Pain, Loss, and Anxiety
  • Religion and Faith
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