At Camp Gan Izzy we believe in exposing our children to a wide variety of activities, in order to maximize the children's experiences and enable each camper to find a field he excels in!

Sports – Campers participate in various sports activities, receive expert coaching, and enjoy a wide array of recreational activities. We have a warm Team of YMCA Instructors join us weekly.  They teach the children necessary skills for soccer and other sports, and encourage each child’s best performance.

Art – Our Art instructor spends individual time with each class, engaging their artistic abilities and sending them home with original artistic creations. 

Baking - Each week the campers bake and braid their own Challah bread in honor of Shabbat.  They also get to bake (and eat!) other specialties like cinnamon buns and healthy rainbow pizza!!

Martial Arts  - This program is designed to build confidence and self-esteem in your child and more! Our martial arts programs build coordination, balance, discipline, and mental concentration. Martial Arts also provide an outstanding alternative for those children who may not do as well in team sports—giving them the chance to excel in a specialized activity while increasing their physical abilities and concentration skills.


Swimming  - The campers go swimming twice a week in a modern, up-to-date, licensed and insured pool, with lifeguards that are state-accredited and American Red Cross CPR and first aid trained.  


Zumba - Zumbatomics (or Zumba for Kids) with trained instructors from Bring The Gym to Me, is a specially designed fitness program for children that incorporates movement, dance and games. Each Zumbatomic class is high-energy fitness instruction packed with specially choreographed, child-friendly routines prepared to accompany lively and upbeat music.

Lego Robotics - Campers LOVE creating their own Robots out of Lego.  They work in pairs building and coding, thinking and re-coding, until they have created their own Robot that they can control! 

 LEGO® bricks are naturally engaging to elementary students. When they are introduced into the learning environment they boost motivation. It’s through this active, engaged experience that LEGO Education Elementary teaching solutions help you to lay the foundation for lifelong learning. The hands-on solutions ignite children’s natural desire to explore and discover. Students will learn subjects like math, science, technology, and engineering more effectively while improving and developing their 21st-century skills, like problem solving, collaboration and communication.

BAM (Balance & Movement)

Balance is a fundamental skill necessary for maintaining controlled positions, such as sitting in a chair, or engaging in physical activities like running or riding a bike. Having balance makes motor skill development easier, reduces the risk of injury, and helps children focus on academic tasks.

We provide scheduled time and equipment to ensure that the children develop these necessary skills - and make sure they are having a lot of fun too!

Other fun activities include:

Foam machine

Arcade room

Blow up water slides.