Camp Gan Israel prides itself on its exceptional staff. All staff are trained and come with prior camp experience and a natural appreciation of working with children.

Our Directors

Rabbi Yehuda Matusof                Chaya Matusof
Main Camp                                   Art and Nature Division 

Our camp directors, Rabbi Yehuda and Chaya Matusof, have many years of camp experience. They are the leaders of our staff and oversee all activities and programming.  Their extensive experience with preschoolers through teenagers makes them valuable administrators of our camp

Rabbi Yehuda comes with an impressive set of qualifications. In addition to leading creative educational programs in several states throughout North America, he has coordinated activities in places as diverse as Cuba, Germany, Japan, and Russia. He has developed multiple curriculums designed to hone the skill sets of individual children through hands on activities. He has been trained at the National Camping School led by the Boy Scouts of America.

Chaya's 6 years of teaching early childhood were in progressive Chabad Preschools in Manhattan 2007–2013 and her teaching method is specifically inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach to education.  Founded upon the belief that children are naturally competent and curious with tremendous potential, Chaya enriches our curriculum with various forms of Art to effectively help her students learn through discovery. With a firm belief in harnessing the natural curiosity of each child, Chaya strives to maximize the full potential in each and every one of her campers. 

Our Counselors

We put extensive effort into recruiting and training a group of devoted, energetic counselors to spend the summer with our campers. Each one of them has a strong love of working with children, and a committed desire to give each child in their care the best possible summer experience. Through their tireless efforts, our campers enjoy every second of their camp experience year after year.

Elective Instructors

All electives are run by professionals, trained in their specific field and in engaging the children in their activities.