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After 17 years of marriage to “the love of her life”, Dina & Yitzi Hurwitz were given the devastating diagnosis of Bulbar onset ALS, a particularly aggressive form of ALS, for which, today, there is no cure. From leading a joyous, free-spirited life of a Chabad Shlucha, wife, and mother, to the realization that everything was going to change, Dina continues to draw her greatest strength and love from her remarkable, loving, funny, supportive and caring husband, Yitzi. Even Dina’s stories of despair outline a determination that continues to help her overcome the difficulties of her day-to-day life. The manner in which she bares her soul is raw, true, and eloquent and, yes, even humorous, and she has inspired many more than she will ever know. The story of Dina, Yitzi, their entire family and their worldwide community of friends will leave you captivated, inspired and grateful for the lives you lead. She is a testament to the strength of the human spirit, and gives voice to those who face adversity every day, who think they can’t survive it. Somehow, they will. 


Dina on the Today Show:

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