Kabbala Basics - Intro to Jewish Mysticism

Three Wednesdays, October 16, 23 & 30 - 1:00-2:30pm
Seabury, Heritage Hall - 200 Seabury Drive | Bloomfield, CT 06002

A Part of UCONN Adult Learning Program

Presenter: Shaya Gopin -  Rabbishaya@ChabadHartford.com 

Jewish mysticism offers unparalleled insight into the mysteries of life. The divine energy within creation and the soul in each of us. Participants will become acquainted with the terminology and concepts of the Kabbala & Chassidism. This series will lead you on a journey through the spiritual worlds, the purpose of creation, and our souls. Various ancient texts are used.  

Lesson One:  
Introduction: What is Kabbalah?  
Welcome to the unfolding inner relationship at the heart of our spiritual quest for meaning and purpose in life. 
Souls and Worlds: What lies beyond?. 
Understanding the spiritual energy that lies behind all of existence 
Feel the pulse of a creation in constant renewal and see a world whose every detail is crucial and cosmic. 

Lesson Two: 
The Inner Soul - The Mind, Heart & Uncovering the Inner Good 
Understanding our inner make up. How was man created in the image of G‑d if G‑d has no image? 
The Relationship between Man and G‑d. 
See the divine intellect in our own - and unlock the spiritual power of the human mind. 
Find perfect balance as we reach into the divine emotions for the root of the human heart. 

Lesson Three:
The Purpose of Creation - Heaven on Earth 
Reveal your role as a partner in creation, working together to transform the world into a perfect home of unbounded joy.