What kind of Services do you offer?

 Our Services are set up in a style that everyone (regardless of  background or affiliation) should be able to participate in High Holiday Services in an environment that is warm, friendly and non-judgmental.

Do I need to become a member to join the Services?

There is no requirement to become a member to join our services neither do we charge for our seats. However, we do appreciate the contributions made by the generous people who participate in our services and programs.

Will I be able to follow the entire Service if I am slow at reading Hebrew or unable to read Hebrew at all?

The services are conducted in both Hebrew and English and the page numbers are continuously being announced throughout the services allowing everyone to know where we are holding.

Our prayer books have both Hebrew and English as well as translitiration for all the parts of the services that are sung or read in unison which allows everyone to pray in the language they feel most comfortable and to participate and feel at home.

Do I need to bring a head covering, talit or prayer book?

We will provide all our congregants with all the provisions necessary. If you would like to bring your own head covering or Talit you may feel free to do so.

 What kind of program will you provide for my children?

Our children are provided with a special program run by experienced teachers that will allow them to participate and enjoy a service of their own. The children will at times join the adults for the Shofar blowing, the taking out of the Torah and other important highlights (depending on the ages of the child). These programs will also allow the parents the ability to participate in the services without have to tend to the needs of their young children.

Will my children be provided with a snack?

The children will be provided with a variety of snacks, so no need to bring a snack of your own. If your child is on a strict diet or has allergies, we encourage you to bring a snack along (kindly inform the teachers at the program of any allergies your child may have).

I have a fear of Services being long and boring? Will the Services at Chabad be the same?

Absolutely not! Throughout the services the meaning and background of many of the prayers will be presented as well as many famous Jewish melodies will be included into the prayers, making our services interactive, entertaining and educational.

Why do men and women sit separately at traditional Jewish services?

One obvious benefit of separate seating in a synagogue is that it helps ensure that the
main focus is on the prayers and not on the opposite gender. There is no question that we don't act the same in a mixed crowd as we do in a same-gender one.


If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us  and we will be more than glad to answer them.

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